The Common Ground – Warsaw, MO

22 Feb

There is a place in Warsaw, Missouri where people who share a common interest gather together and socialize. A warm place where everyone is greeted with a smile by an efficient and friendly staff.

Modest in it’s appearance from the outside “The Common Ground” Cafe is anything but on the inside.  The second you walk through the doors you will be awed by it’s interior.  If you appreciate wood work then you will not be disappointed in this hidden cafe. From the staircase to the benches to the barstools to the lighting the folks at “The Common Ground” spared no expense in making this an extraordinary dining experience. Reminding me more of where the stars might hang out to enjoy some Raspberry Mate Green tea and mingle.

With that in mind I rather expected the prices to be slightly on the high side.  If you go in with the idea that the food might break the bank for a family of five you would be wrong!  An amazing bowl of handmade soup and half a sandwich will only cost you $ 6.00.  With the soup you will also have sourdough bread that is handmade and the sandwich comes with chips, also handmade.  The food can only be described as exquisite.  Salads, soups, breads, teas and please don’t leave without dessert.

I cannot rave about the food enough but let me touch on something very important when I dine at a restaurant. Whether it’s a five star resort style $ 100.00 a plate experience or just a hidden cafe off the side of the road in a small town, if the staff isn’t friendly and efficient I will never go back no matter how good the food is.

I visit “The Common Ground” once a month.  Each time the staff makes me feel like I am visiting family.  In my last visit they remembered on my first visit I had a small cold.  They asked about my children and told me about theirs.  This is a restaurant I will frequent based on the kindness of the staff. The incredible food is just a really really big bonus!


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